Non Work-Study Employment

Finding an On-Campus Job

Students who are not eligible for the Federal Work Study program can still find on-campus employment.  Many jobs are available to students that are funded 100% by the department employing the student. These jobs are listed on HoyaWorks!

Finding an Off-Campus Job

HoyaWorks! lists part-time, temporary, and summer jobs in the D.C. metropolitan area. A wide range of employment opportunities are available in all sectors of the local market, including professional associations, research institutes, finance, law, governmental affairs, museums and the arts, as well as retail and food service positions. Students can also review temporary listings for information about one-time or short term jobs like home or child care, party help, yard work, or brief office assignments. Many of these opportunities for "quick cash" are within walking or short commuting distance of the University.

HoyaWorks! will only post paid/part-time positions during the academic year (except for live-in/exchange jobs for private employers), but both full-time and part-time during the summer. The Cawley Career Education Center also posts internships (both paid and non-paid) as well as full-time, permanent positions.