On the Job

Accepting a job involves a commitment. You are first and foremost a student, but you do have certain responsibilities to your employer. Besides performing your duties to the best of your ability, you are expected to be prompt and dependable for the hours arranged with your employer. If you are unable to keep to the designated schedule you should notify your supervisor. You will generally find him/her sympathetic to examination schedules, etc.

Hours You Can Work

There is no specific restriction on the minimum or maximum number of hours you may work, and all scheduling of work hours is arranged directly with your supervisor. However, when classes are in session, you should be careful to balance your work schedule with the time you will need for your course work and other activities or commitments. During holidays and vacation periods you may want to increase your work schedule, and you will receive overtime pay if you work more than forty hours per week. Student employees are not paid for lunch hours, holiday, vacation or sick leave.

Falsification of Hours

As an FWS student employee, you may only receive pay for the hours you actually work. You may not falsify the number of hours you submit to your employer. If you are found to have falsified hours, your employment will be terminated immediately, and you will be required to reimburse the University all money paid for falsified hours. You will also be referred to Student Affairs' adjudication process for dishonesty, and may jeopardize your eligibility to receive any type of financial aid in the future.

Wage Rates

Your supervisor establishes an appropriate wage rate based on the qualifications and skills required for the position, the scope of work, and level of responsibility expected of an employee holding the position. The hourly rate for a student employee who returns to the same department and position may be increased at the department's discretion after the student completes each year of employment.

Injury on the Job

Any student employee injured on the job must report the injury immediately to their immediate supervisor.  Do not ignore an injury which might cause complications later on; doing so could cost time, money and more importantly, permanent damage to your health.