Important Dates


May 16, 2021 (updated):  Last day to earn Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds for spring semester


May 23, 2021:  Last day possible for students who are graduating to work in a student supervisory org

If an hourly student employee is graduating in the spring semester and your department wants to continue their employment throughout the summer, you must transfer them into a non-student supervisory org/position (temporary, staff, or faculty). Please talk to your campus finance office & HRC of your non-student sup org about these transfers.


May 24, 2021:  First day of summer session & first day students are permitted to exceed 20 hrs per week.  (If approved by their manager) 


June 27, 2021:  Last day of pay period for FY21.  Last day for 100% subsidy for FWS reimbursement.


June 28, 2021:  First day of pay period for FY22.  FWS subsidy will be 80/20 split for FY22 academic year and will be reimbursed quarterly.


August 16, 2021 (updated) First day to earn Federal Work-Study for Fall 2021 semester


August 22, 2021:  Last day of summer session & last day students can exceed 20 hrs per week.


August 25, 2021:  Fall 2021 semester starts & classes begin.

                                                                                         ***These dates may be subject to change***