Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

Student FAQ's for FALL 2021:

Q: I cannot log-in to HoyaWorks? What should I do?

A: If this is the first time you’re logging-in to HoyaWorks, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Make sure you're signed up for DUO (we suggest doing this on the mobile app) and that the Duo Mobile app is successfully receiving 'Push' alerts.

Step 2:  On HoyaWorks log in page, ONLY type your net id, (not your email address)

Step 3:  Type in your password for your netid username

***See this helpful video to guide you through the Hoyaworks login process.***

Some other Helpful tips for Troubleshooting:


Q:  I receive a Federal Work-Study (FWS) award for 2021-22.  What is FWS and how do I go about looking for a job?

A:  Check out these videos that can better explain FWS & How to Navigate HoyaWorks!

  • What is FWS?
  • How to find a Job on HoyaWorks?
  • If you have never logged into HoyaWorks, please know you will need to use your mobile device to use DUO.  See this video to help with logging in, if this is your first time and need extra guidance.


Q:  Where can I search for hourly job oppurtunities on-campus & local part time jobs?

A:  You can search on SEO's job bank, we call HoyaWorks!   Various positions are posted & several funding sources such as; FWS, Non-FWS & Off-Campus Private Sector jobs are available.

(Please know that HoyaWorks requires DUO two-factor authentication, so if it is your first time using HoyaWorks, you will need to sign up for DUO using your mobile device.)



Depts/Managers FAQ's about FALL 2021:

Q:  Will FWS be reimbursed up to the student's max award amount at 100% this summer?

A:  For FY22, the FWS subsidy will be an 80/20 split and will be reimbursed quarterly.  Departments will be reimbursed 80% of FWS eligible earnings up to a student’s maximum FWS award amount.  Departments will be responsible for gross earnings that exceed students' FWS awards; therefore, departments are highly encouraged to reconcile student earnings regularly.


Q:  I would like to post a job, and I don't have access to HoyaWorks as an On-Campus Employer.  

A:  To Request an On-Campus Employer Log-in, Click here:

Click above if you are an On-Campus Employer who has never logged in before. When requesting a log-in, be sure to list your NetID email, rather than your preferred name email. 

Once SEO Approves the log in, you will get an automatic email stating your log-in has been approved.


**** Any other questions, please send an email to the Student Employment Office (SEO) at  ****