Hourly Student Time Tracking

Students working this summer, students working this fall, Georgetown staff who employ students - you all need to be prepared! Get ready now by reading the information below and checking out the resources available so time entry goes smoothly for all.

What's happening? Hourly student employees will now be able to enter their own time in GMS.

  • Hourly student employees will be submitting their own timesheets via GMS including time in, time out, and breaks.
  • GMS timesheets will be reviewed and approved by a student's Manager or Timekeeper.
  • Time can be entered and approved on your computer, tablet, or smartphone - welcome to the future.
  • For most of you this means no more paper timesheets. (Some departments will continue to use paper timesheets - this is at the department's discretion.)
  • Any hours worked by hourly student employees on or after July 20th, 2015 will be entered under this new system.

What do I need to do?


  • Before you start entering your own time into GMS, check out the Hourly Student Time Tracking Instructions (GU log-in required). Want the short version? We've got a video to show you the basics.
  • Talk to your supervisor to see what else you need to know. Practices vary from department to department, so check in to be sure you've got all the information you need.
  • Get the app for that. The Workday app is available in the App Store and via Google Play - for free. When setting up the app on your mobile device, note that the Tenant will be "Georgetown" and your log-in will be your NetID and password. If you would like more detailed instructions about setting up the app, check out HR's Employee Reference Guide skip to page 28).

Managers and Timekeepers:

Check out the Manager and Timekeeper Instructions for Hourly Student Time Tracking from University Human Resources (UHR)! For more in-depth information, we recommend UHR's Hourly Student Time Tracking training sessions and the updated Timekeeper training. To find when the next training sessions are offered and to register for your trianing sessions, please see UHR's training page.

I've got questions! You can contact us at finseo@georgetown.edu& or (202) 687-4187 - we're here for you.

Anything else? Yes! Policies aren't changing, so be aware. Time in and time out must be recorded accurately. Timesheet falsification is seriously illegal.

For students with stipend and hourly positions: If you have a PhD stipend position and an hourly student position, you won't be able to enter time in GMS. It's just the way the system works. You'll still need to submit a paper timesheet for your hourly student position in order to get paid. Check with your supervisor or department timekeeper to be sure you're on the right page with this one!

Paid Hours: Hourly student employees are paid only for actual hours worked. This means that you are not eligible to receive holiday pay, sick leave pay, vacation leave pay, inclement weather pay, or jury duty pay. You won't be able to enter these types of hours into GMS.

Recording Time: All time must be recorded in 15-minute (0.25 hour) increments. Overlapping shifts cannot be entered into GMS - student employees should not be working in two posiitons concurrently.

Recording Break Time Correctly: Hourly student employees who work a full day are allowed an unpaid meal period (30 minutes) and two paid rest periods (15 minutes each). A full day is considered eight or more hours, exclusive of the unpaid meal period. Hourly student employees scheduled to work less than a full day are entitled to one 15 minutes paid rest period for every four hours worked. Employees may not skip meal or rest periods in order to shorten the work day. Rest periods may not be saved for later use, accumulated, or used to compute additional pay. The 30-minute unpaid meal period is required. Generally, rest periods should be taken, but they may be omitted occasionally if required by the work load. Extra compensation is not provided if rest periods are missed.

Update! We will no longer be using the auto-lunch deduction in GMS. To record a full day of eight or more hours, two time blocks would be entered into GMS to reflect your start time, the time you left for your meal break, the time you returned to work, and the end of your day. If you worked 9:00am-5:00pm and took a lunch break from 12:30-1:00pm, your timesheet would have two time blocks as follows:

  • Time Block 1 -   In: 9:00am     Out: 12:30pm
  • Time Block 2 -   In: 1:00pm     Out: 5:00pm