Information for New Hires 

Getting Started
Congratulations! You've got a job! Now what? Please read through the Checklist for New Hires & information below to be sure you're on the right track as you get started in your new position. 


Attention New hires!:  All new employees must complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form 

I-9 Office website:

Please call 202-687-6869 or email I-9 analyst,at for any questions or concerns regarding the  I-9 form & process.


Employment of Minors - If you're under 18 at the time you're scheduled to start working, you'll need a DC Work Permit. Your Work Permit must be completed before you work any hours - it's the law! Please view Georgetown University's Human Resources page for policies for obtaining a work permit.. All student employees under the age of 18 are also covered by Georgetown's Protection of Minors Policy. For more information, please see the Protection of Minors Policy homepage.


International students will also need to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) as part of the new job process. Once a student receives an offer of employment, he or she should work with the hiring department and the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to prepare all necessary documents for the SSN application. For more information for International students working on campus, please see the ISSS On-Campus Employment page.

Note: F-1 students may begin working while their SSN application is being processed, however once a student has received his or her Social Security Card they will need to be sure their SSN is entered in GMS as soon as possible so that their tax records will be complete and correct. Students can contact their supervisor to find the individual in their department who can enter their SSN or they can go to Georgetown's I-9 Office in Healy Hall to have their SSN entered into GMS. This must be done as soon as the Social Security Card is received.


Completing Your Taxes
The maximum tax will be deducted from a your paycheck until exemption or withholding elections are made, so it’s important to elect promptly. Taxes withheld from paychecks can only be recovered by filing an annual tax return and requesting a refund.

Federal  & State Tax Forms

  • You can elect your federal & state tax status electronically in the Georgetown Management System (GMS). Please see the new student checklists (above) for instructions on getting logged in to GMS and completing your federal & state tax withholding elections.

International Students - Please see International Student & Scholar Services' Tax Information Page


Timesheets and Payroll

Please check out our page on Hourly Student Time Tracking for more information and resources.

We recommend speaking with your Manager(s) about any department-specific procedures. Timesheets must be submitted weekly & on time in order for you to be paid bi-weekly!

Payroll Calendar - To see when you will get paid for the hours you've worked, please check the Payroll Calendar

Direct Deposit & Payment Information - SEO strongly recommends signing up for Direct Deposit. It is the best way to get your payment on time, without the worry of cashing a physical check. Please view the Direct Deposit Instructions if you are interested in setting up your account in GMS.

  • Students who have not signed up for direct deposit will have their paychecks mailed to their default address in GMS. It is extremely important to check that your address in GMS is the address you would like your check to be sent to. This will be part of your on-boarding tasks in GMS, however, you may update the address at any time in the system.


Bonus - Be Wise with Your Paycheck
We recommend checking out "Common $ense: Your Money, Your Future" to get the information you need to make informed decisions with your money. They cover budgeting, credit and debt management, loans, investing, taxes, and more!  For more about the program, please see the Common $ense website:


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns as you go through this process, please contact us in the SEO by emailing us at: