Job Searching 101 

Welcome! Are you looking for a job this semester, but may be a bit unsure of where to start? You're in the right place.

Even if you aren't a job search professional and you don't have a lot of work experience on your resume, you can still find a good job - it's just a question of presenting your qualifications in best way possible. Check out our guide below!

If you have more questions about getting your job search started, please feel free to contact the SEO at or (202) 687-4187.

How-To... Find a job with limited work experience!

Click the steps below for tips and valuable resources.

→ Step 1: Searching Job Postings

→ Step 2: Brainstorming

→ Step 3: Tailoring Your Resume

→ Step 4: Reach Out to Your References

→ Step 5: Writing a Cover Letter

→ Step 6: Acing the Interview

→ Step 7: Your First Day and Beyond!